What is the difference between Ghayar companies and the other companies working in the same sector?

Ghayar is distinguished by providing all kinds of spare parts for all types of cars. It seeks for providing 100 million spare parts during 2020. Ghayar has a website: www.ghayar.ae together with smart applications: (ghayar) that are designed according to the best worldwide practices; which makes it easy for the customer to get the spare parts in the easiest way and with a quick safe delivery service.

The company sales are managed through the Operations Center in Dubai, which seeks for providing the due care for customers. Ghayar is committed to clear policies for spare parts guarantee together with flexibility in return.

Why should I log in before purchasing spare parts?

Ghayar follows up the requests of its customers starting from the purchase up to delivery and post-sale distinguished services. Thus, we cannot do that without saving the customer’s main information entered when login, which much help us to understand the desires and needs of customers so that we can provide the same as soon as possible.

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