Warranty Coverage

The manufacturing company warranty is the exclusive solution for any defect in product. Thus, please refer to the manufacturing company guidelines to benefit from the warranty thereof. Ghayar bears neither express nor implied warranty regarding products already under the manufacturing company warranty.

Products not under the manufacturing company warranty shall be under limited 3-days warranty following the receipt date of the product delivered. The warranty shall cover only the replacement of the defective part; in case of irreplaceability, the customer is entitled to full refund under the following terms and conditions:

  • In the event of manufacturing defect in the warranty claimable products. Warranty shall not cover flaws caused by environmental circumstances, including rain, hail, sault or natural disasters.
  • Items not damaged because of incorrect fixing, misuse, maintenance, change or adjustment.
  • Warranty is subject to the respective general terms stated down below.

Warranty General Terms (Apply to all product warranties):

  • Warranty is exclusive to items not transformable by use or effects of any type.
  • Warranty shall not cover cost of labor, accidental or direct damages therefrom, including but not limited to physical injuries or property damage, waste of time, vehicle disuse, interruption, airfreight charges, recovery charges or accommodation because of failure or part thereof
  • Ghayar shall issue prepaid delivery card for all warranty claimable returns
  • All warranty claims should include original purchase invoice and the manufacturing company warranty cards especially for Batteries with a return merchandise authorization (RMA). Please refer to our return policy for further details. No items return except with original purchase invoice and RMA.
  • Warranty does not cover lost/stolen abroad delivery packages. As when the client is the orderer of delivery abroad, he/she is the sole person to file any lost claim with the shipping company to tackle the claim thereof. Any warranty from our part, constitutes the exclusive solution for the defect on the respective product and our full responsibility for the part guaranteed; with no any other guaranties express or implied

Governing Law/Jurisdiction

The content of the policy herein is subject to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) laws, Emirate of Dubai, regardless of choice or conflicting principles of law. The customer shall thus agree to turn to the UAE Jurisdiction in case of any conflict, claim or dispute with regard to agreements and whatever emanating therefrom.

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Issued on: 15, March 2020.
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