Ipuri A1 Mint 3 in 1 Hybrid Purifier

It's a 3 in 1 Hybrid Purifier That can be Used in Vehicules, indoor as kids Room and Camping areas
SKU A1-Mint
Brand Honey IT
Country UAE
Vendor Code GHY-750Z370-S

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Product Information : IPURI A1 is the highest performance air purifier. A1 has the best CADR (Clean air delivery rate) among our products as well as similar size of air purifiers , Also you can use A1 room/outdoor/office as well as car.

Description : Clean air delivery rate 31 m3/h : Takes 5~10 mins to purify typical vehicles. Also, cover your room as well.

· High performance filter : HEPA H13 grade filter will remove 99.97% of Ultra fine dust.

· Low noise & High performance : 150 PI fan provide great performance.

· LCD Screen & Sensor : High performance Dust sensor will indicate current air condition on LCD screen

Product Usage :

Keep pleasant air wherever you being such as car, home and office.

Especially, A1's 5 stage filter will protect you from Dust, fine dust and bacteria.

Also, you can check current air pollution condition you being on LCD screen.

Type :  On dash Type ( Vehicle Or Home )
Duct Sensor :   Laser Type ( Panasonic )
Fan :    150 PI 
Wind Speed :  Slow - Medium - Fast (  Auto Mode )
Voltage :  DC 12V - 24V
Product Size : 170 x 210 x 75mm
Feature : Filter Replacement Alarm Function ( 
 Recommended to replace filter every  6 Month)
Filter : Four / Five Stages Filter  ( Or Custom-made ) 
Exlant Korean brand

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