Luster Cleaner & Wax -Soft 99

to give paint surfaces a clean, shining and completely new looks. It removes also paint scratches, paint oxidations, road tar, water mark and leave dazzling shine paint finish outlook also.
SKU GAM-0023-BS420
Brand Soft 99
Country UAE
Vendor Code GHY-750Z370-S

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Luster is a cleaner & wax which produces great results on deteriorated paint surface.
By just easily applying, super cleaning liquid type wax removes dirt and dust powerfully and restores original shiny colors on the car body. Applicable onto various metal products surfaces for cleaning and beautiful finish!

How to use the product

Note: Apply to a washed and thoroughly dried car.
1. Shake well before use.
2. Take a moderate amount of liquid onto the included sponge, and spread it thinly and evenly over the body of the vehicle.
3. Increase pressure to remove stubborn dirt and stains.
4. After drying, buff off with a soft clean towel.

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