Engine Oil Mobil Super 1000 20W-50 SL 4L

Petrol engine oil is blended with the most advanced additive package, which enables it to give exceptional performance under most severe operating conditions. It provides effective protection against oxidation, wear and corrosion under high temperature operations and remains a stable multi-grade.
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Features and Benefits

Mobil Super 1000 provides engine protection and helps promote long engine life.

·  Extended protection against engine wear and deposits formation

·  Engine protection during start up

·  Helps combat sludge


Mobil Super 1000 20W-50 has been formulated to be suitable for use in vehicles requiring an API SL claim . ExxonMobil particularly recommend Mobil Super 1000 for daily driving under normal conditions:

  • Passenger cars, SUV's, light trucks and vans (Gasoline engines) requiring an API SL
  • Normal Operating Conditions
  • Suitable for use under a wide range of temperature conditions

Always consult your owner's manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.

Mobil Super 1000

SAE Grade       -                                                 20W-50

St @ 40ºC        -                                                   174

cSt @ 100ºC      -                                                 19

Viscosity Index, ASTM D 2270      -              124

Sulfated Ash, wt%, ASTM D 874          -      0.8

HTHS Viscosity., mPa•s @ 150ºC, ASTM D4683  - 4.7

Pour Point, ºC, ASTM D 97                -         -24

Flash Point, ºC, ASTM D 92             -           240

Density @ 15 ºC, kg/l, ASTM D4052      0.8928

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