Automatic Transmission Oil ENOC Active CVT- 4 L

is 100% Fully Synthetic high performance Continuously Variable Transmission fluids suitable for use in Japanese, American, Korean and European CVT’s of push-belt and pullchain designed transmissions.
Brand ENOC
Country UAE
Vendor Code GHY-750Z370-S

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(ENOC ACTIVE VTS ) is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid 

designed specifically for use in Continuous Variable Transmission . ​

It can also be used in conventional automatics transmissions. 5 and 6 speed .

(ACTIVE VTS) has extended drain interval capabilities due to its superior oxidation stability, deposit control and resistance to viscosity shear loss. 

It has stable static and dynamic coefficients of friction, prevents noise generation and has smooth lock-up of the transmission clutches.


CVT transmissions

Allison transmissions

5 and 6 speed conventional automatic transmissions

ACTIVE VTS meets and exceeds the following OEM and International 
GM Dexron VI
Allison TES 295 fluid
Ford Mercon V
Honda CVT fluid
Nissan CVT fluid
JASO M315-02
*Always follow equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for required lubricant performance
levels and oil drain intervals.
ACTIVE VTS provides:
​Suitable for a range of CVT transmissions
​Excellent shear stability
​Extended long drain intervals
​Protection against copper corrosion
​Smooth gearshift changes
​Very good low temperature fluidity

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