Radiator Coolant ENOC EN-Cool Extra 33% 4 L

is a superior quality engine coolant formulated from high purity monoethylene glycol and organic acid carboxylate technology corrosion inhibitors with proven heat transfer performance. It provides excellent corrosion protection for all metals in cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines, especially the principle metals, iron, copper and aluminium
Brand ENOC
Country UAE
Vendor Code GHY-750Z370-S

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  • Demonstrated performance in automotive applications in excess of 80,000kms.
  • Increases the boiling point of water and gives better cooling in the high ambient temperature conditions.
  • Suitable for all vehicle makes including aluminium engine construction

  • Excellent engine cooling and protection against boiling in the summer heat.
  • Superior anti-corrosion performance, particularly with aluminium and additives remain effective for a long duration Hard water stability thanks to the absence of silicates and phosphates
  • Compatibility with rubber and sealing materials
  • No harmful nitrites, amines or phosphates.
  • Effective protection against frost in freezing winter conditions, depending on concentration

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