Engine Flushing Oil ENOC EN-Flush 4L

ENOC EN-FLUSH OIL is manufactured from high quality light viscosity paraffinic mineral oil, designed for the efficient EN-FLUSH of automotive equipment to remove residues prior to refilling with new engine lubricant.
Brand ENOC
Country UAE
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 EN-FLUSH OIL has been developed for the use in the flushing of automotive gasoline and diesel engines.

 It cleans the crankcase, cylinder walls, pistons and rings for maximum efficiency, protection and performance.

 This is done while the engine is in idling so that there is less stress on the engine while the cleaning action occurs. 


EN-FLUSH OIL Once the EN-FLUSH oil has been filled into the engine system it should be circulated for only a short time under light or no load conditions. At the end of the EN-FLUSH period, make sure the oil is drained while it is still hot.

Engine Flushing Oil ENOC  EN-Flush : 4L

  • Remove sludge, deposits, and dirt. Over time, sludge, carbon deposits, and Junk can accumulate in your engine, increasing wear and reducing power as well as fuel economy.

  • Clean hard-to-access engine parts.

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