Easy Car Push Start System 731

Push Start System This push button engine start system uses the latest technology (Passive Key Enter ) it a new generation of car security technology
Brand Easy Car
Country UAE
Vendor Code GHY-750Z370-S

AED 945.00

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Easy Car Push Start System 731

Car Alarm System: Universal anti-theft system for 12V cars, including pressing the start/stop button, wiring harness and one-way anti-theft system; one-button operation is simple and convenient, and it is a remote control for starting and stopping the car.

High stability: The thick 6-pin start plug can ensure the stability of the current output. The ACC output mode is to start power off, count down for 10 minutes, and stop the car; it supports the alarm within the range of 100M, and the vibration alarm mode can cause you more Attention.

One key Ignition Operation: In the state, step on the foot brake and do not loosen it, short press the one-key start button once, the vehicle system will vibrate and start, and the button indicator light will always be on after the start. Driving operation.

One key start and stop operation: When the vehicle needs one-button stop, step on the foot brake and short press the start button once, and the vehicle will automatically stop. The button indicator does not light up after the flame is turned off.

One key to turn on ACC/ON power supply operation: When you only want to turn on the audio alone or ON power supply, do not step on the foot brake and press the start button once to turn on the ACC power supply, press the start button again to turn on the power supply, and press the start button again Turn off ACC and ON power supply, and switch operation can be cycled.

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